In 2018, PRŮMSTAV Company will celebrate 65 years in the Czech construction market. Writing up of history of the company has, however, begun already in the year 1951, when the national enterprise called Ore Mine and Ironworks Construction was founded, having competences across the whole country and the specialty of which included construction of heavy industry.

In January 1953, a broader reorganization in this company occurred, and, the company focus was modified to any industrial and marginally also housing construction. This newly transformed company was named PRŮMSTAV, a National Enterprise.

As a result of expansion of industrial production and manufacturing and related construction, an increase in demand for flats took place, and, hand in hand with this also appeared the demand for higher quality infrastructure and civic and community buildings and facilities. In 1955, centres specialized in housing construction with the area of operations in the Central Bohemian Region were therefore integrated into PRŮMSTAV. Since 1958, housing construction in this region then originated exclusively from PRŮMSTAV Company.

We are the authors of, for example, complete housing estate in the municipal district of Kladno-Kročehlavy being formed continuously in several stages from the fifties of the last century till the Velvet Revolution. People can find our flats also in built-up areas of housing estates in other Central Bohemian cities such as Slaný, Kolín, Beroun, Benešov, Mladá Boleslav, Nymburk, Rakovník, Příbram, Štětí, and, partially also in the Capital City of Prague (Červený Vrch or Řepy II housing estates).

In the fifties, on the average 1,100 new flats per year were built, while in the sixties their number grew to as much as 2,700. In the following decade, the average number of flats exceeded the amount of 3,400, and, by that time, the housing construction represented almost 70% share in the total amount of works of the company. Due to this reason, in 1963, Lužec and Buštěhrad concrete panel making facilities were affiliated to PRŮMSTAV. Further increase in construction using concrete panel technology occurred also in the following decade.

Since the beginning of its existence, PRŮMSTAV employed a large number of personnel. In the fifties, this corresponded on the average to 7,700 employees, and, from the sixties, the employment status remained for years at about average number of 8,500. Likewise, PRŮMSTAV provided by itself the future employees with training and professional preparation – a training college with a boarding house was erected in Kladno for the main construction production (shell and core), and, then the second training college for the secondary construction production (Mechanical and Electrical, sanitary and joiner’s installations) was established in Prague. In 1985, the company changed the name to PRŮMSTAV, a Specialized Enterprise.

In summer 1989, this national enterprise was wound up and all assets, employees and all rights and obligations were conveyed to PRŮMSTAV Praha, which existed in this kind of its form for one year. In December 1990, the company was split into separate state enterprises created from particular plants and into the company headquarters. Thus, former Plant 01 became the successor entity, which kept the shape and appearance of the logo and the company name of PRŮMSTAV Praha, a State Enterprise. In early nineties, a part of assets of the state enterprise was transferred, by virtue of a privatization project, to the National Property Fund of the CR, and, the state enterprise was transformed in 1992 into a private construction company. Since 1992, the company was therefore bearing the title of PRŮMSTAV spol. s r. o. (a Limited Liability Company). The company obtained the trademark one year later. In February 1997, the legal form of the company was changed to

a joint-stock company, bearing the title of PRŮMSTAV, a. s. (Co. Ltd.). At that time, about 500 employees were working in the company after previous splittings. Together with the headquarters, the company was also using the precinct in Dolní Měcholupy, where there were situated the Facade, Aluminum Structure and Monolithic Structure Centre, transportation and mechanization, land surveyors, main supply depot, locksmith workshop, joiner’s shop and other services and workshops.

The last significant event in our company’s history was the change of the owner, which took place in 2009. The French company VINCI Construction has become a 100% owner of PRŮMSTAV, and, since that time, we form part of a major construction group with international operations on five continents, in 113 countries and with the number of employees well over 191,000.

This change in ownership then backed the decision on implementing a merger by amalgamation of PRŮMSTAV and affiliated company FCC- První česká projekční a stavební, a. s. (Co. Ltd.), which was member of the VINCI Group already since 2002. Both companies had identical scope of business, therefore building construction. All rights and obligations of FCC, a. s. were thus conveyed to the successor company PRŮMSTAV, a. s.

The above merger took place in June 2009, when, by this time, the company left its longtime headquarters on Štětkova Street in Prague 4 and moved to new premises.

Over the period of time of existence of PRŮMSTAV Company, happened not only partial reorganizations and changes of name, but, in the process, changed also the types of executed construction contracts – starting from heavy industry, through all kinds of industrial structures, to huge increase in housing construction using concrete panels. PRŮMSTAV focuses nowadays on all types of structures in building construction.

In our portfolio of commissions are represented residential buildings, industrial plants, civic and community buildings and facilities (hotels, schools, hospitals, retail…) and reconstruction of historical buildings. Private investors and developers rank among our major clients; we, however, execute also projects for the public sector.


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